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Calling all desperate housewives! That’s right we have the same loveable Gloveables that Eva Longoria sported on the show. Come in and see the different colors and designs we carry. We have green, pink, red, blue and black and white. You are sure to find a pair that both match your kitchen and make you as sexy as Eva herself. 

Blushing Bee Naturals carries tons of products. Our store is packed with the best soaps. We carry a variety of fun cut your own soap designs like the penguin and doggy paw pictured below. We also have a variety of soaps with fun messages like ‘Best Friends,’ ‘I love baseball,’ as well as, soaps with little critters, animals and ballerinas; perfect add on to any gift! In addition we have soaps made with lavender- good for releasing stress after a long day or reducing headaches. We also carry soap scrubs to exfoliate your body. Exfoliation rids the body of dead skin cells, giving your skin a smooth, vibrant look and feel. 

Don’t forget to hydrate with our lotions, from Burt's Bees to Pacifica, you are certain to find the perfect scent and texture you are looking for to fight dry skin, eczema or rosacea. If you suffer from stretch marks or want to prevent them, try Weleda or Mother’s Special Blend lines and invest in California Baby products for your little one. 

Want to snuggle with a cute stuffed animal that also acts as a relaxing heat pack? Try our Cuddly Hottie teddy Bear. He warms up and smells like lavender so you can snuggle and relax. 

Get creative in the tub and add our sweet smelling bath fizzes. Oprah raved about it in her O Magazine. We all know if Oprah likes it, it’s definitely worth checking out. These colorful ice cream fizzes make perfect gifts for adults and kids!

Guys we have plenty in store for you as well. Choose from a variety of muscle rubs, cold and flu bath salts and indulge in some of our Karma Sutra goodies.

The Blushing Bee has something for everyone! Don’t stress over what to buy for that next occasion. Buzz on into the Blushing Bee and let us take the stress away!

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